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Letizia lives between California, Europe and Dubai and thanks to her experience in the fashion industry, she is the person who directly follows all the fashion product development projects. Let's get to know her better:


She was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in Italy, Florence, where she attended all the schools up to university: the Polimoda (International Fashion Institute) graduating with honours in Fashion Marketing and Management. After graduation she returns to her hometown for a work experience at "Lane Crawford", one of the most renowned luxury department stores in Asia, following the Public Relations and Special Events development sector.
Once back in Italy, after a year abroad, she works at a representative agency for knitwear and fashion accessories, working mainly with European clients (especially Germany, Switzerland and Austria), traveling constantly. Her experience grows to such an extent, that she wants to start on her own, thanks to the help of her husband, in 2010 was found before " Lotustyle Fashion srl"; which will later become "Expert Advice ltd" with offices in Malta and Bulgaria. She works in collaboration with world-famous companies such as Karl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, Joop, Bogner and with very important companies, following the development of the Private label collections with "Made in Italy" production of Fashion Accessories.
Together with her husband, she is also engaged in the Entertainment world, participating in the production of movie projects and international events.
In 2018 a new reality was born in California, "Expert Advice B&T llc", with the aim of collaborating with Californian companies in the fashion sector, following their development and production in Italy, where Italian quality is certainly an added value. To this is added a further and more ambitious project: to launch a new Brand "Mooda Bites" of items rigorously produced in Italy, that are inspired by the colors, sunshine and cheerfulness of the "Californian mood".

Paolo, besides being Letizia's husband, is the financial manager of the different projects, let's get to know him better:

He was born in Florence, Italy. After technical studies and a short internship, he assumed the position of Director in one of the largest retail chains in Italy, Euronics. Then he moved to the insurance and financial sector working with one of the most important insurance companies in the world, the Generali group. Later he received the assignment directly from Lloyd's of London to develop the Italian market and at the same time he moved to Budapest, where he dealt with tax exemption systems and real estate investments. In the meantime he obtained a degree in Financial and Marketing business development at the university of Miami. He moved to Malta where he was commissioned by the Chamber of Industry and became vice-president and representative of Malta in Brussels EEIG. With the same assignment, he follows the passport procedure on behalf of the largest maltese-owned tax company Kingstone Smith. He was later commissioned by an english investment bank Bandenia to manage the market in the Middle East and the Mediterranean area and was then sent on a one-year mission to Miami, Florida. Later he participates in and directs the creation of an investment bank in Hong Kong which still presides Expert Bank & Trust, leaving the position of General Manager of the English bank, which manages one of the largest mining brokerage companies in central Africa , the EGO Expert Gold Operator and assumes its presidency. The Bank opens his Representative office first in Bulgaria and then in Dubai, where he moves for 3 years, definitively leaving Malta and his duties. In 2016, together with his friend Lorenzo Lisi, he began the creation of the US Company Advisor with the aim of creating an attractive pole for companies and professionals in the market that is currently among the most prosperous in the world, also going on to manage companies in the fashion sector and in the entertainment by participating in the production of movie projects and international events.