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We work with artisan companies that carry on the MADE IN ITALY tradition, developing articles according to the needs of each individual customer. In our portfolio of manufacturers we have companies that produce:

KNITTED ACCESSORIES: hats, scarves, gloves and ponchos made with a wide range of yarns, from the finest and exclusive ones to the most commercial ones with competitive prices.

WOVEN SCARVES AND STOLES made on traditional and jacquard looms. The new proposals are continuous in many yarn qualities, from the winter ones in wool, cashmere and blends to the more summery yarns in linen, cotton, modal, etc.

PLAIDS for the home sector which is an expanding sector, that many fashion companies have their own "Home collection". Plaids can be both in fabric and knit, in basic colors or fancy designs.

Our goal is to follow the development of each article step by step, from the choice of qualities to the entire manufacturing process, exclusively MADE IN ITALY.
Each product can be customized with the customer's brand or logo, created according to individual needs, also in terms of price.

Nowadays sustainability is a very important topic for us in the fashion industry and that's why we work with certified companies with increasingly safe and controlled products, so that the traceability of the entire production cycle is possible.